Working Test 2019 & Junior Handler Competition

Our annual Working Test will take place on Sunday 14th April 2019.

The Judges are Pat Brennan (A) and Ivan McAlister (C)

By means of trying to encourage our younger generations to get involved in our Sport, we are planning to run a stand alone Junior Handler competition which will be open to and free for Under 17’s handling any grade of Spaniel.

This will be run in a pressure free environment and we will be hoping to give the kids a flavour of the requirements of running in a competition.

So if anybody has a youngster who would be interested in having a go, now is the time to get out and start throwing the dummies for them for a change.

For more information please contact the Secretary, Ivan McAlister at (086) 3020843 or

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Training Class 2019


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Open Trial 20th November 2018 – Results and Report

On Tuesday 20th November we were delighted to make a return to the lovely natural woodlands of Birr Castle Demesne, Co.Offaly after a 4 year break. We were there by very kind permission of the Earl of Rosse and the Castlefields Shooting Syndicate.

Although visually there had been a few slight changes to some parts of the ground, it still proved to be excellent testing ground for Spaniels, with game being produced steadily all day long, which was a credit to Liam Kenehan and his team in the Castlefields Shoot.

Steward of the Beat for the trial was Tony O’Brien who along with John Keeshan had walked the ground on a couple of occasions and had put a lot of thought into plotting a course which they felt was going to keep us in touch with game for the day.

Tony’s planning combined with very positive judging by Ronan Gorman and PJ Davitt kept the whole trial running smoothly.

Our team of Guns for the day were Daniel Bourke, John Clooney, Pat Brennan & Ivan McAlister who all put the game on the ground efficiently and safely when it was produced and shot with the interest of the dogs in mind at all times.

This was an excellent trial for the Club to make a return to Birr with.

Our good friends at Feedwell Dogfoods once again very kindly sponsored the event, with a bag of there premium food Feedwell Sport on offer for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.


1st Muggleswyck Lilly – ESSB

(Int.F.T.Ch. Skronedale Romulus X F.T.Ch. Glenlaggen Gazelle)

Owned and handled by Kevin Somers. (Excellent)


2nd F.T.Ch. Sliabh Rosie – ESSB

(F.T.Ch. Helmsway Henry X F.T.Ch. Wyndhill Shona of Sliabh)

Owned and handled by Fintan Kelly. (Excellent)


3rd Emerald Queen – ESSB

(Emerald Hero X Malinmore Queen)

Owned and handled by Eddie Byrne. (Excellent)


4th Westbourne Rocket – ESSB

(F.T.Ch. Greenbush Iced X Megan of Rolaghbridge)

Owned and handled by Ieva Grigaite. (Excellent)




Hillbilly Bouncer at Glanavaud – Kevin Murphy.

Billistown Ruben – Eamonn Taaffe.

Kirsto Wiggle of Miskinfern – Conor Kelly.

F.T.Ch. Blackguard Ivy – James Casey.

Firedrane Jinky – Fintan Kelly.

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Open Trial 6th January 2019 – Results and Report

This was to be our last Open Stake of the 2018/2019 season. We held it on Sunday January 6th 2019 with very mild Spring like weather conditions for the day. We once again returned to the Ilaunmore Pheasant Shoot, by kind permission of Mr.Michael Manke. Judges for the day were , Paul Carragher (A), John Keeshan (A), Conor Kelly (C) & Ivan McAlister (C).

When everyone who was attending had been ferried over from the mainland, the Hon. Secretary done the introductions and the Steward of the Beat, Mr. Vincent Kyne directed us to the shoreline to the left of the ferry. At this time of year as expected the island was less densely populated and at the start of the trial the game appeared to be running ahead even with the Stops in place. The pheasants were supplemented with a good share of rabbits which were sitting tight all day. The Game was dispatched very safely and accurately by our team of Guns, who were some of the regular Beating team from Illaunmore.

We were very kindly and generously sponsored by Feedwell Dog Foods, who have been on board with us for nearly a year at this stage. As always the Hon. Secretary was encouraging everyone to give Feedwell products consideration the next time they were buying food.

As is the case in a lot of trials some dogs were eliminated for various types of indiscretions and when the Judges came together at the end of the trial to make up their books there were two dogs ahead of the rest of the field. They spoke about these two dogs at length and decided to run them off for first place. In the run off it was evident from the start that Pat Brennan’s bitch was putting in the better performance.

We returned to the cars for the results, where the winner was presented with the North Tipp. Working Gundog Club Perpetual Cup and also The North Tipp Working Gundog Club Guns Award and first , second and third also received a bag of Feedwell Dog Food.


1st        Clodahill Quiv – ESSB – (Excellent)

(Clodahill Jake X F.T.Ch. Clodahill Annie)

Owned and handled by Mr. Pat Brennan.


2nd       F.T.Ch Meadowbeat Neala of Greenbrush – ESSB – (Excellent)

(F.T.Ch. Belvden Collingwood X Llangattock Luna)

Owned and handled by Mr. Raymond Wilson.


3rd       Bishwell Barrett of Commonshall – ESSD – (Excellent)

(Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Kurt X F.T.Ch. Bishwell Beebop)

Owned and handled by Mr. Ronan Gorman.


4th        F.T.Ch. Caolan’s Sunrise at Killyvocca – ESSB – (Excellent)

( Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Theo X Tirkeveney Beauty)

Owned and handled by Mr. Ronan Gorman.



Kilcarra Snowie – ESSD – Owned and handled by Mr. Pat Greene.


Guns Award

Clodahill Quiv – Owned and handled by Mr. Pat Brennan.

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Novice Trial 16th November 2018 – Results and Report

On Friday 16th November 2018, we made our way back to Ilaunmore to run our Novice by kind permission of Mr.Michael Manke. Unfortunately, for one reason or another we had not been able to run a Novice since 2015, so it was nice to be able to get some new handlers and new dogs out on the circuit. The Judges for this trial were Norman Blakeney (A), Willie Edgar (A) & Captain Kelly (C).

Gamekeeper Vincent Kyne and Michael Minehan, plotted a course which sent us in a clockwise direction around the shoreline. Even though it was only mid November the birds appeared to be easily spooked and were not hanging around for the dogs to catch up with them.

Game was dealt with safely and efficiently by our team of Guns made up of Fintan Kelly, Tom Carey, Noel Tomlinson & Joe O’Shea.

As we had a couple of withdrawals, the Judges ended up with 14 dogs to look at. As is usual at a Novice trial a number of these young dogs fell by the wayside for various types of “sackable offences”.

When the Judges finished making up their books they had three dogs in the awards, all of which were graded Very Good and not qualified for Open Stakes.

Senior Judge, Norman Blakeney in summing up said that there were some nice young dogs which became casualties but the dogs which came to the top were probably there because their handlers were that bit more experienced and knew what to expect on Illaunmore, however the winners would have had a blip under one or other Judge and were therefore graded Very Good.

The Winner was awarded the “Open Season” Novice Perpetual Shield and 1st, 2nd & 3rd were each given a bag of Feedwell Sport which was very generously sponsored by Feedwell Dogfoods.


1st        Emerald Queen – ESSB

(Emerald Hero X Malinmore Queen)

Owned and handled by Eddie Byrne. (Very Good)


2nd       Tascroft Sweep – ESSD

(F.T.CH. Clanicker Mick X Kenxiam Pepper’s Lady)

Owned and handled by Ivan McAlister. (Very Good)


3rd       Clodahill Rhythm – ESSD

(F.T.Ch. Clodahill Nofler of Carnteel X Int.F.T.Ch. Clodahill Demi)

Owned and handled by Pat Brennan. (Very Good)



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Open Trial 4th November 2018 – Results and Report

After our Summer recess we were extremely happy to make our return to Ilaunmore for an Open Stake which was held on Sunday 4th November 2018 by kind permission of Mr.Michael Manke. Judges for the day were Club Chairman, Pat Brennan (A), Christy Hasson (A) and Benny Ryan (C).

All prizes of dogfood were very kindly Sponsored by Feedwell Dogfoods and without such generous Sponsors life for our Club would be a lot more difficult. We are delighted to have Jamie Clegg and Feedwell Dogfoods on board since our Working Tests back in April.

The Steward of the Beat, Vincent Kyne with the assistance of Willie White set a route for us along the shoreline.

Willie’s knowledge of both the ground and the game was invaluable as he knew exactly when and where to place the Stops so as to try to give all handlers full advantage of the Game on the ground ahead of them.

Again this year there was a good show of rabbits which mixed in with both pheasants and partridge made for an excellent day of sport for our Guns, Paul O’Brien, Kyle Harney, Joe O’Shea and Club Secretary, Ivan McAlister.

The Judges had a full card of 16 dogs to look at and at the end of the trial when they had their books made up they for two dogs for a run off, Mick Walsh with Hollydrive Pretty Polly and Norman Blakeney with Cowarnecourt Midnight Sun.

When the Judges had seen enough we loaded up the boats and headed back to the cars for the prize giving, where Mick Walsh was awarded first place and made up FTCh number 13

The trial seen the Hon. Secretary unveil a new Guns Award which was sponsored by himself and in memory of his late Father, Ian McAlister.

1st        Hollydrive Pretty Polly – ESSB

(Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Kurt X Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Sally)

Owned by Stephen Forde and handled by Mick Walsh. (Excellent)


2nd       Cowarnecourt Midnight Sun – ESSB

(F.T.Ch. Esgob Esteem X Beggarbush Elen of Cowarnecourt)

Owned and handled by Norman Blakeney. (Excellent)


3rd       Firedrane Jinky – ESSD

(F.T.Ch. Clodahill Nofler of Carnteel X F.T.Ch. Bramley Girl)

Owned and handled by Captain Kelly. (Excellent)


4th        F.T.Ch. Blackguard Ivy – ESSB

(Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Theo X Rosbeha Arris)

Owned and handled by James Casey. (Excellent)



Gardenrath Tikka – ESSB

(F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Bert X Lisgarvagh Azur)

Owned and handled by David Maher.


Guns’ Award

F.T.Ch. Blackguard Ivy – James Casey.


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Training Class – 2018

North Tipp Working Gundog Club – Training Class 2018

The Committee would like to thank Mick Walsh Hollydrive Spaniels and Paul O’Brien Corrib Gundogs for giving up their time to come to share their knowledge with everyone who attended our Training Class today, which was run in association with Country Sports Ireland. It was run in a very relaxed atmosphere on the ground which we had used the week previous for our Working Test at Snugsborough, Shinrone, Co.Offaly by very kind permission of the landowner Mr. Alan Loughnane.
The Class was a very informative hands on day with plenty of questions from the handlers and tips given in return by Mick and Paul, both of who also treated us to demonstrations with their own dogs.
We would like to thank Alan Loughnane for the use of his land and David McLoughlin Wingfielding who helped the Club to get the use of the land.
A special word of thanks to the handlers who came to support us and were more than willing to pick up some tips along the way.

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