Club Rules


The name of the club shall be North. Tipp. Working Gundog Club.  The objective of which will be to promote and improve working gundogs through field trials and working tests.


The club shall consist of:-

President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary , Hon. Treasurer and an unlimited number of members.

Application for membership shall be made in writing on the Club’s Official Form which shall include a signed declaration/ agreement to abide by the Rules of the Club and shall be accompanied by the appropriate subscription. Such applications shall be considered by the Committee. Applications for membership shall be duly proposed and seconded by members. In the case of rejections monies shall be refunded.

On election of an individual to membership the Secretary shall send that member a copy of the Rules of the Club.

  1. Annual Subscriptions for the following year shall be due on January 1st  and any member whose subscription is not paid thirty days before the next Annual General Meeting shall not be entitled to voting rights at the Meeting.
  2. The Club shall keep a record of the names and address of fully paid up members, which list shall be available to Members, to view at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Any member who may be suspended by the Irish Kennel Club shall automatically and for the same period be regarded as suspended from membership of the Club.
  4. The management of the Club shall be in the hands of the Committee, which shall consist of the Officers of the Club and 6 (Six) Committee Members, who shall be elected as provided hereunder.
  5. All Officers and Committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, and shall assume office on the completion of the said Annual General Meeting. Any candidate for election as an Officer or Committee Member shall have been proposed and seconded by members of the Club.  If a person is nominated and is not present at the Meeting, such nominations shall not be accepted unless the written consent of the nominee to accept the position shall have been deposited with the Secretary prior to the commencement of the Meeting, except under extenuating circumstances.
  6. The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year before the end of  February at a suitable place and on a date agreed by the Committee.  The Secretary shall notify each member of the date of the Annual General Meeting a minimum of fourteen (14) days beforehand.  The quorum for any General Meeting shall be 7 (Seven).
  7. The Chairman or Vice-Chairman of any Meeting shall have an ordinary vote and a casting vote in the event of a tie. The Office of President shall also have an ordinary vote.

Questions arising at Committee Meetings shall be decided by a majority of those present and voting. The quorum of any Committee Meeting shall be 5 (Five).

  1. In the case of an Office becoming vacant the Committee have the power to elect one of their members to fill the vacancy and to co-opt a member of the Club to fill the resulting vacancy on the Committee or for any other Committee vacancy.
  2. Any proposed changes in the Rules of the Club must be notified to the Members  by the Secretary and included in the Agenda of the next A.G.M. and when passed must be submitted to the Irish Kennel Club for their approval.
  3. The Treasurer shall receive all monies, keep a proper record of receipt and payments and report the Financial status of the Club and any withdrawals from these Accounts shall be over the signatures of any two or three persons nominated by the Committee.  The Treasurer shall also submit an Audited Income and Expenditure Account to the Members at the Annual General Meeting.

    The Auditor(s) shall be appointed each year at the Annual General Meeting.

  1. The present membership subscription is €10 (Ten Euro).
  2. The Officers and Committee shall have the power to require the resignation of any member whose conduct is deemed to be prejudicial to the best interests of the Club.  If requested by the member in question, the Committee shall call a Special General Meeting at which the member shall have the right to speak in his/her defence.  The decision of the committee shall be ratified or rescinded by a majority of the members present and voting at that Special Meeting.  Twenty-one days notice in writing must be given for any Special Meeting, only items on the Agenda may be discussed.
  3. In the event of the Club being dissolved, all Cups, Trophies, and Club Records and property shall be handed to the Irish Kennel Club who will act as custodians thereof.

    The Irish Kennel Club shall be the final court of appeal in all matters of dispute, and in all cases relative to canine or club matters.


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