Novice Trial 16th November 2018 – Results and Report

On Friday 16th November 2018, we made our way back to Ilaunmore to run our Novice by kind permission of Mr.Michael Manke. Unfortunately, for one reason or another we had not been able to run a Novice since 2015, so it was nice to be able to get some new handlers and new dogs out on the circuit. The Judges for this trial were Norman Blakeney (A), Willie Edgar (A) & Captain Kelly (C).

Gamekeeper Vincent Kyne and Michael Minehan, plotted a course which sent us in a clockwise direction around the shoreline. Even though it was only mid November the birds appeared to be easily spooked and were not hanging around for the dogs to catch up with them.

Game was dealt with safely and efficiently by our team of Guns made up of Fintan Kelly, Tom Carey, Noel Tomlinson & Joe O’Shea.

As we had a couple of withdrawals, the Judges ended up with 14 dogs to look at. As is usual at a Novice trial a number of these young dogs fell by the wayside for various types of “sackable offences”.

When the Judges finished making up their books they had three dogs in the awards, all of which were graded Very Good and not qualified for Open Stakes.

Senior Judge, Norman Blakeney in summing up said that there were some nice young dogs which became casualties but the dogs which came to the top were probably there because their handlers were that bit more experienced and knew what to expect on Illaunmore, however the winners would have had a blip under one or other Judge and were therefore graded Very Good.

The Winner was awarded the “Open Season” Novice Perpetual Shield and 1st, 2nd & 3rd were each given a bag of Feedwell Sport which was very generously sponsored by Feedwell Dogfoods.


1st        Emerald Queen – ESSB

(Emerald Hero X Malinmore Queen)

Owned and handled by Eddie Byrne. (Very Good)


2nd       Tascroft Sweep – ESSD

(F.T.CH. Clanicker Mick X Kenxiam Pepper’s Lady)

Owned and handled by Ivan McAlister. (Very Good)


3rd       Clodahill Rhythm – ESSD

(F.T.Ch. Clodahill Nofler of Carnteel X Int.F.T.Ch. Clodahill Demi)

Owned and handled by Pat Brennan. (Very Good)



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