Annual Working Test Sunday 15th April 2018 -Report

We ran our Annual Working Test on Sunday 15th April at Snugsborough, Shinrone, Co.Offaly by kind permission of the landowner Mr. Alan Loughnane.

The Hon. Secretary kicked the day off with a couple of brief introductions and thanked Jamie Clegg and FEEDWELL Dog Food for coming on board as our new Sponsor.

Our Judges for the day were Willie Edgar and Vincent McCarthy. The weather for the most of the day seen a stiff breeze with a few showers mixed in however it did not dampen the spirits as we had a good sporting day with plenty of craic and good humour thrown in. The two judges enjoyed looking at our dogs in an old set a side crop which was ideal for the event, with all dogs getting equal ground with the handlers being given plenty of opportunity to show off their dog’s hunting ability.

Each event was kept straightforward, the Puppy Test consisted of a hunt up, drop to shot or command and a short retrieve. The Novice Test was a hunt up, drop to shot with a seen retrieve and finished off with a Blind retrieve. After the Novice Test we stopped for lunch and then we headed into the Open Test which consisted of a hunt up, drop to shot, seen retrieve finished with a seen diversion with a blind retrieve over a drain.

When the Open Test was over and the two Judges had added up the scores they called for a run off between Mick Walsh with Hollydrive Defoe and Ieva Grigaite with Westbourne Rocket this was for Best Hunting Spaniel. Before the results we ran our raffle which as always brought plenty of laughs from everyone, with spot prizes being donated by Open Season Nenagh, C and K Sporting Products, Rody & Ellen Culleton, Noelle McAlister, Rebecca Barton and Aileen McCarthy and Committee members.

Summing up at the end of the day the Judges both felt that there were some lovely dogs but they both thought that there may have been too much work gone into some of the Pups.

The Hon. Secretary ended the day by thanking both Judges for their time, he thanked our new Sponsors FEEDWELL Dog Food and he urged everyone to use or recommend their products where possible. He also thanked David McLoughlin for his influence in securing a brilliant piece of ground for the Test. He acknowledged the great work done by the Committee during the year and finished by thanking all the Competitors for their support and all those who donated prizes to the Raffle.

The results were as follows.


 1st – Cowarnecourt Midnight Sun – ESSB

( F.T.Ch. Esgob Esteem X Beggarbush Elen of Cowarnecourt)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Norman Blakeney.

2nd – Jacko’s Emma – ESSB

( Jacko’s Maestro X Blackguard Irene)

Owned and Handled by Mr. James Casey.

3rd – Acragar Tess – ESSB

( Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Kurt X Bess so Smart)

Owned by Mr. Tommy White and Handled by Mr. Richie Power.

4th – Skronedale Nina – ESSB

( F.T.Ch. Esgob Esteem X F.T.Ch. Colcourt Firecrest)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Jason Travers.



1st – Firedrane Jinky – ESSD

( F.T.Ch. Clodahill Nofler of Carnteel X F.T.Ch. Bramley’s Girl)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Fintan ‘Captain’ Kelly.

2nd – Tascroft Sweep – ESSD

(F.T.Ch. Clanicker Mick X Kenxiam Pepper Lady)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Ivan McAlister.

3rd – Shiftwell Molly – ESSB

( F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Bert X F.T.Ch. Gortnacor Daffodil)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Colm Ryan.

4th Spireview Penny – ESSB

( Int. F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Theo X Roseycombe Katie of Whitehope)

Owned and Handled by Mr. William Farrell.



1st – Westbourne Rocket – ESSD

( F.T.Ch. Greenbrush Iced X Megan of Rolaghbridge)

Owned and Handled by Ms. Ieva Grigaite.

2nd – Hollydrive Defoe – ESSD

( Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Kurt X Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Sally)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Mick Walsh.

3rd – F.T.Ch. Colcourt Firecrest – ESSB

( F.T.Ch. Chinachgook Roberto X Not so little Rascal)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Norman Blakeney

4th – Hollydrive Pretty Polly – ESSB

( Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Kurt X Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Sally)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Mick Walsh.


Hollydrive Defoe – Mick Walsh



Mr. James Long.


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