Annual Working Test Sunday 9th April 2017

We held our Annual Working Tests this year on Sunday 9h April, outside Nenagh, Co.Tipperary, by kind permission of Mr. John Minehan – Landowner. We were treated to a lovely bright Spring morning with a light breeze. The nice weather lifted everyone’s spirits which led to a day of craic and banter.

The Hon. Secretary started proceedings for the day with a couple of brief introductions and thanked Graham’s Pet Foods who had recently been announced as the new Sponsor for the Club

The Judges were Norman Blakeney and Ivan McAlister, they started off with 6 Pups to look at in a Test which consisted of a short Hunt up, Drop to Shot or Command and a short seen retrieve. When the Puppy Test was complete the Judges moved straight into the Novice Test in which there were 18 dogs to be looked at. The dogs had to Hunt up, Drop to Shot followed by a seen retrieve, they had another short hunt and were then given a Blind retrieve.

With the Novice Test complete, the two Judges decided to run straight into the Open Test as there were only 8 dogs to be seen. The Open Test consisted of a Hunt up, Shot fired with a dummy thrown forward from the right of the line, this was to be retrieved by the dog on the left. When this was complete the dog on the right was sent immediately for a long blind over a small drain, the dogs were then swapped over and the task was repeated. This was followed by a another Hunt Up, at this point the Senior Judge Norman Blakeney was reminding the handlers to be aware of the wind direction which was a cheek wind blowing across the course from the left hand side and the wind treatment of the dogs would be judged accordingly. At the end of the Hunt Up, both dogs were put sitting up for a long seen retrieve over the drain which was the final bit of action for each run.

When the dogs had all been seen and the Judges had made up the scores, two dogs were called for a run-off for Best Hunting Spaniel. Kevin Somers with Muggleswyck Taz and James Casey with F.T.Ch.Blackguard Ivy.

Before the presentation we ran our Raffle which was very well supported and created a fair deal of laughs. As usual it was very well sponsored by Kevin McSherry & Tony O’Brien of Open Season – Nenagh, Handlers & all Committee members.

Dogfood for the prizewinners was all very kindly sponsored by our new sponsor, Graham’s Pet Foods. ( or +447900789328)


1st – Swifthill Rolo – ESSD

(Sliabh Henry X Sliabh Gypsy of Swifthill)

Owned by Ms. Amanda Murphy and Handled by Mr. Jason Travers.


2nd – Billy’s Bullet – ESSD

(Glanmore Mist X Dawn Run)

Owned & Handled by Mr. John Keeshan.


3rd – Glengoole Prince – ESSD

(Glengoole Tiger X Liscleary Matilda of Glengoole

Owned and Handled by Mr. John Groves.


4th – Clentohill Gaby – ESSB

(Clodahill Quincy X Nederscot Spirit)

Owned & Handled by Mr. Jason Travers.



1st – Clodahill Rhythm – ESSD

(F.T.Ch Clodahill Nofler X Int.F.T.Ch Clodahill Demi)

Owned and Handled by Mr. Pat Brennan.


2nd – Bellelake Swannie – ESSB

(Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Theo X F.T.Ch. Molly Malone Two)

Owned & Handled by Mr. Richie Power.


3rd – Westbourne Rocket – ESSD

(F.T.Ch. Greenbush Iced X Megan of Rolaghbridge)

Owned & Handled by Ms. Ieva Grigaite.


4th – Drumreenagh Khal – ESSD

(Int.F.T.Ch. Hollydrive Kurt X Lisgarvagh Coco)

Owned by Mr. John Beatty & Handled by Mr. Kevin Murphy.



1st – Muggleswyck Taz – ESSD

(F.T.Ch. Buccleuch Pepper X F.T.Ch. Glenlaggen Gazelle)

Owned by Mr. Jim Warren & Handled by Mr. Kevin Somers.


2nd – F.T.Ch. Clodahill Layla – ESSB

(F.T.Ch. Skronedale Remus X F.T.Ch. Clodahill Annie)

Owned &Handled by Mr. Pat Brennan.


3rd – Carrigaunroe Nell – ESSB

(Carrigaunroe Scirocco X Sprucehill Rhoda)

Owned & Handled by Mr. John Butler.


4th – Clodahill Quiv – ESSB

(Clodahill Jake X F.T.Ch. Clodahill Annie)

Owned & Handled by Mr. Pat Brennan.



F.T.Ch. Blackguard Ivy – ESSB

Owned and Handled by Mr. James Casey.



Mr. Jason Travers

*Photo’s courtesy of Vinnie Caldwell

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