Open Stake 2nd January 2017 – Results and Report

On the lovely crisp, frosty morning of Monday January 2nd 2017 we made a visit to our friends on Ilaunmore where we held our first trial of the New Year. Very kindly hosted by Mr. Michael Manke. This trial brought a busy week to a close as a number of us were involved in the 2016 IKC Spaniel Championship, which concluded only four days prior to this.

This event is seen by the committee as being one of our best of the year, usually with a number of reserves on the card. However, we found that this year the same level of support was not there and this was reflected by the fact that we had a number of Novice dogs able to get a run in this stake.

After the Hon. Sec. introduced everybody including the Judges – Mr. Damian Kelly (A), Mr. Paul Carragher (A), Mr. Vincent McCarthy (C) and Mr. Paul Cassidy who was making his debut as a C panel Judge, the Steward of the Beat Mr. Vincent Kyne set us off on a slightly different route to which we are accustomed to.

As is the norm, Game was in abundance even though the birds were running on at this stage of the year. There was a nice scattering of rabbits which caused problems for some of the dogs and also put others in very tempting situations. However, the dogs which had more experience of dealing with such pressure shone through at the end of the day.

After the Judges made up there books, they called two dogs for a run-off, Pat Brennan’s Novice bitch (Clodahill Quiv) and Willie Edgar’s (Meadowbeat Neala of Greenbrush) as usual with a run-off everyone was left anticipating what colour rosette it was for. However, it developed that the run-off was for second and third as there was a dog on ice

In summing up the day after the presentation, the senior Judge Damian Kelly stated that he felt that Illaunmore was one of the top three trialling grounds for Spaniels in the Country. This is a great reflection on the hard work done by Vincent Kyne and his team.

The winner was presented with the North Tipp. Working Gundog Club Perpetual Cup and also the North Tipp. Working Gundog Club Guns Award. The first three handlers were presented with products which was very kindly sponsored by KRONCH.

After the awards were presented, Willie Edgar’s bitch Meadowbeat Neala of Greenbrush was tested at the water as she had been awarded enough points in the field towards her title of Field Trial Champion.


1st        F.T.Ch. Clodahill Layla – ESSB – (Excellent)

(F.T.Ch. Skronedale Remus X F.T.Ch. Clodahill Annie)

Owned and handled by Mr. Pat Brennan.


2nd       Meadowbeat Neala of Greenbrush – ESSB – (Excellent)

(F.T.Ch. Belvden Collingwood X Llangattock Luna)

Owned and handled by Mr. Willie Edgar.


3rd       Clodahill Quiv – ESSB – (Excellent)

(Clodahill Jake X F.T.Ch. Clodahill Annie)

Owned and handled by Mr. Pat Brennan.


4th        Garrisoncullin Tio – ESSB– (Very Good)

(F.T.Ch. Churchview Chunnel X Clio of Lavalley)

Owned and handled by Mr. Shane Gainley.



F.T.Ch. Blackguard Ivy – Owned and handled by Mr. James Casey

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