Irish Kennel Club Field Trial Council

As you are aware after a lot of discussions and meetings held over the past few months the Irish Kennel Club has given the go ahead for the setting up of what is to be known as the Field Trial Council.

At a general meeting held in the Killeshin Hotel Portlaoise to which all section 4 clubs were invited to attend, two representatives were elected to take a place on the committee to represent field trial participants in section 4 and give them a voice in matters pertaining to their sport, Tom O Connor and Sean Moriarty were the two elected. The other sections held their own elections, and along with Michael Corr and Alan Nolan from section 2, Vincent Flanery and Aiden Dunne from section 3 and Jim Gibson and Paul McAuley from section 5, the committee was formed.

At a further general meeting attended by delegates from all clubs and chaired by Sean Delamar, President of the Irish Kennel Club, a chairman Jim Sheridan and a secretary Kevin Somers were elected.

The section 4 reps have set up an email address and would be grateful if it was passed on to all your club members so that any issues or concerns they might have in relation to their sport can be dealt with straight away by both Tom and Sean and can be raised at the next meeting of the Field Trial Council.

All club secretary’s will receive a quarterly up date on the progress of the field trial council.

I look forward to working for all in the sport and hope that in line with the mission statement for the Field Trial Council “To safeguard, develop and promote the sport of gundog trials in all its forms”, the committee elected can help to make a difference .


Kevin Somers

Secretary Field Trial Council

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