Training Classes

The club will hold training classes commencing on Sunday 10th March.

The first class on the 10th of March will be an introductory class with demonstrations given on the day of dogs at various stages of training. This first class will be free of charge!

 Classes will then be run on a bi-weekly basis with a total of 4 further classes being run at a total cost of €50 to be paid in full on the morning of our second class on 24th March. Classes will commence at 9am and will finish at 11am each day.

 These classes will cover all aspects of Spaniel training from puppy right up to advanced training for shooting and competition dogs.

We can also cater for retrievers.

 These are enjoyable training sessions run in a relaxed atmosphere and designed to help handlers get the most out of their dog whether it be in the shooting or competition field.

 All are welcome to attend, from beginners to advanced handlers. So come along and help us to make these classes a success.

For further information including meeting point, please contact Pat Brennan (00353 86 8500293) or Ivan McAlister (00353 86 3020843).

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